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St. Eugene School
Grade Eight Back-to-School Supplies

Dear Parents,

Stationary will be sold in school during the first week. Below is a list of necessary supplies, which can be purchased in school, as well as some everyday items that your child will need, which are to be purchased outside of school. The number and last year's price of each item to be purchased in school is also listed. Thanks for your cooperation!

Stationary to be purchased in school:
- 1 homework notebook - $3.00
- 1 theme tablet (loose-leaf) - $1.00
- 2 small black copybooks (journal, $1.00 each) - $2.00
- 5 large copybooks - $1.50 each - $7.50
- 1 eight-pocket folder - $2.75
- 1 laminated two-pocket folder $1.00
- Art Paper $.50

Additional supplies include:
- book covers (book socks are a good idea)
- 1 box of Kleenex (it is very important that each child provide a box of tissues) or paper towels, one container of disinfectant wipes, pencils and erasers, 2 red and 2 black ball point pens (these are the only acceptable colors for tests and other assignments, including homework), a highligher, scissors, a 12" ruler, crayones, markers or colored pencils, a glue stick or Elmer's glue.

*For any child whith allergies that will cause them to use multiple tissues during the course of the day: each child must bring their own tissues as well as a disposable plastic bag in which to put used tissues. The bag will then be emptied at lunch or at the end of the day or discarded altogether. The purpose of this is to limit trips to the tissue box and trips to the trash can. These "trips" are often the source of class disruptions which must be kept to a minimum.
*You will not need white out, trapper keepers, art boxes, or exotic colored pens*

Students are expected to have all the necessary materials by Friday, September 16th. If you have any questions please contact me through the school office at 610-622-2909.

Thank you again for your continued support and cooperation and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Mr. John Christie

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