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St. Eugene School
First Grade Back-to-School Information

Dear New First Grade Families,

Congratulations on becoming a proud parent of a First Grader!!!
To make your life a bit easier, I will purchase your child's necessary supplies over the summer so that everyone will have the same exact things. Some of the supplies that I will purchase are: copybooks, crayons, journals, folders, pencils, erasers, glue, rulers, construction paper, drawing paper...The cost usually runs around $25.00, which I will collect during the first week of school. You will get a more detailed list of supplies and an exact total so you know how your money was spent. Over the summer you will need to purchase your child's schoolbag, lunch box, pencil case, and clear contact paper. It is also good to have an extra supply of pencils on hand just in case.

Over the summer, there are some things that I ask you to practice with your child to help him or her prepare for First Grade. First, I ask that your child can write their first and last name using appropriate upper and lower case letters. Second, it is also very important that your child practices tying their shoes. We do not want any unnecessary falls because of untied laces. Thirdly, it is important to keep up on those kindergarten skills, so practice the alphabet and match up the sounds. Finally, remember to read with your child -- it makes all the difference in the world.

I will send home a letter to all the first graders in August when the new school year approaches telling them all about First Grade, so keep an eye out!

I look forward to seeing all the new First Grade faces in September. Have a safe and happy summer!!!

Mrs. Amen

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