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St. Eugene School
Grade Six Back-to-School Supplies

Dear Parents and Students,

Items purchased at school:
6 copybooks --$9.00
1 small copybook (Confirmation)--$1.25
1 theme tablet--$1.00
1 eight pocket folder--$2.75
2 laminated folders--$2.00
student planner--$3.50
1 American Bible--$4.75
Total Amount Due: $24.25

Items purchased elsewhere:
- 1 plastic art box
- 1 pencil case
- 1 pack of crayons
- 1 small pair of scissors
- 1 pack of markers
- 3 highlighters
- 5 glue sticks (please keep extra glue sticks handy)
- 6 #2 pencils
- 6 erasable pens
- 12-inch plastic ruler (no metal)
- 1 mini protractor
- 1 compass
- 1 ministapler w/staples
- 1 small Websters Pocket dictionary/thesaurus (combined)
- 2 tradebooks (sustained silent reading, SSR)
- 5 book socks
- 1 roll of paper towels
- 1 box of tissues

Please use book socks to cover all textbooks and clear contact to cover all workbooks and Bible.

Please do not purchase trapper keepers or binders as these do not fit in the desks.

Please always make sure that you have glue-sticks, crayons/markers, pencils and pens everyday since these items are quickly consumable.

ALL STUDENTS ENTERING 6TH GRADE MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL. This is a state requirement. These will be collected the first week of school.

Please have a great summer. I look forward to seeing you in September!

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