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St. Eugene School

Technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Teachers utilize calculators, computer programs, Smart Boards, and the Internet to enrich lessons.

"Computers are a valuable tool for education. We will instruct students in the proper use of computer related technology including the Internet. Students and all users of computer technology have a responsiblity to use these tools properly and in accordance with stated policies. Students in upper grades will be instructed in acceptable use policies before they may use the Internet. Students and parents will sign a form stating their understanding of this policy before their children may use the Internet. All useage will be closely monitored."

-As taken from the Student-Parent Handbook.

Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board and projector for interactive learning, and three computers, all of which have cable internet access. These classroom computers all all networked to one another, as well as to the lab, the library, and the offices.

Students are instructed on computers in the Technology Center in small groups weekly. They are taught keyboarding skills, word processing skills, research and presentation skills. Eighteen Pentium 4 computers are located in the Technology Center for student instruction.

We also have a cart of sixteen laptop computers. These computers are used to further integrate technology into daily classroom lessons.