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St. Eugene School

Volunteers are a vital part of our school program. They assist in the library, classrooms, lunchroom and schoolyard. Parents also assist as clerical aides - typing, filling family folders, tabulating milk or special lunch orders, collecting Campbell's labels, Box Tops for Education, Genuardis receipts, etc. Parents serve as Homeroom Parents and Chain Call Contact Parents and help at CYO and Home and School sopnsored activities. A paper is sent home in September asking for help. We are most grateful for the generous response in the past and hope that this will continue as a responsibility in each family. The participation of our families in our school helps to strengthen the St. Eugene community spirit.

-As taken from the St. Eugene School Student-Parent Handbook.

All parents can help our school by:
-participating in school and home & school fund raisers and activities
-sending in Campbell's labels (Campbell's, Swanson, Pepperidge Farm, Mrs. Paul's, Franco-American, etc.)
-sending in Box Tops for Education (General Mills products)
-signing up for EScrip for Genuardi's and other stores
-designating St. Eugene School for Target charge card

Contact us for further information about any of these programs or ways to assist St. Eugene School.